Strong corporate governance is at the heart of everything we do. ONE corporate understands the complexity of your structures and can closely support the governance and regulatory requirements of the governing bodies (Boards and governance committees).

Our business is built on a platform of leading Board and Governance technologies, with services supported by experienced qualified chartered Company Secretarial and Corporate Governance specialists; motivated to simplify and enhance the governance of your boards and structures.

With professional, career company secretaries supported by dedicated minute takers at board and committee meetings, our experienced team focuses on supporting the Board; raising the bar for best practice at every meeting.

Through the delivery of tailored, responsive and uncompromising support, we aim to mirror what you would expect from an in-house team. Delivering services that reflect your corporate culture but with independent expertise, and the benefit of a broader market view and awareness of trending best practice.

As a reliable partner for the most time-sensitive of transactions, lean on us to provide professional and efficient meeting support services to your management boards, shareholders and committees so that you can focus on your core business.

“ At ONE corporate, our core focus is on supporting your governance activities. We are able to rapidly deliver a unique superior service, providing greater regulatory and fiscal compliance, as well as peace of mind for your business. ”

Alan Guiney

Partner, ONE Corporate

Email Alan Mobile: +352 691 120 354

Services & Differentiators

We support all your board and corporate governance requirements. Ranging from board and director services support, AML training, compliance officer training and regulatory/statutory filings. We service a wide range of corporates and fund structures across a diverse range of investment strategies including UCITS, alternative funds, AIFMs/ManCos, banks, PSFs and internal governance committees.

What sets us apart and helps us raise the bar to deliver client excellence:

  • Corporate governance is our core focus allowing us to dedicate all resource to this.
  • First draft of the minutes typically available by close of business the following day, while actions are delivered the same day and actively followed up.
  • A dedicated Company Secretary working together with a specialist minute taker supporting your structures and Boards.
  • Highly motivated career Company Secretaries with shared ownership in our business that are driven to deliver fast and effective support to help you reduce risk.
  • A corporate culture that is constantly breaking down the walls of complacency through enhancements to process and the use of technology.
  • Tailored support that aligns to your own corporate processes, culture and brand identity.
  • Next generation technology deployed at every stage of the meeting/transaction lifecycle.
  • By restricting our focus to the governance functions, we are able to deliver service unparalleled in the market, pushing the service limits which can’t be matched by generalist providers in the industry.
  • Services
  • Differentiators
  • Company Secretarial
  • Board Activities Support
  • Committee and Board Meeting Support
  • Boardroom Facilities
  • Statutory Filing Support
  • Directorship Services
  • Register of Beneficial Owners
  • Director AML Training
  • Director RR Training
  • Registered office
  • Serviced offices
  • Project management for new structures, changes and liquidations
  • Next day minutes
  • Same day action points
  • Qualified and Chartered Secretarial / Governance Professionals
  • Fully digitalised work flow process
  • Award winning board portal
  • Digital signing facilities
  • Mobile meeting support
  • NextGen video conferencing


We are all partners in our business. Our handpicked team of senior fund industry experts focus on adding value to your business and on building long-term relationships.

Founding Partner
Partner, ONE Corporate
de Vet
Partner, Alternatives and Relationship Management
Partner, Business Development

Our Resources and Strengths


We operate around the principle that if our people have a stake in the business, they will do a better job for our clients. We have a committed and stable team, as they see the benefit of long-term value creation through building long-standing relationships. We build value for clients, and their end customer.


You can have the best technology and the most efficient processes in the world, but if you don’t have the people to operate them, your business is worth very little. Thus, our biggest asset is our team of professional and passionate experts.


We operate next generation technology through a combination of in-house, and best in market solutions to deliver an impeccable service and use technology to excel in both service delivery and efficiency.


We delight in valued long-term partnerships with clients, team, industry partners and our stakeholders. We aim to work with clients who share our belief in the importance of building strong partnerships over time.




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