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At ONE, we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients and stakeholders. We are equally committed to promoting a culture of fair treatment and maintaining an honest and confidential channel with our employees, contractors, vendors, suppliers, customer, and other stakeholders regarding the services we provide.

We value communication made in good faith and take any alleged or suspected misconduct, impropriety, unethical behaviour, illegal act, violation of internal policies, or danger at work (the "reportable conduct") very seriously.

Should you wish to inform us of a reportable conduct in a highly confidential manner please contact us via the form below.

We will review your communication and acknowledge receipt within seven days. Our initial feedback shall be provided to you within three months. The protection of your identity, the person(s) concerned, and any third parties named shall be ensured throughout the process.

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ONE respects your privacy and is committed to ensure the data you supply to us is kept safe. Please confirm that you accept our privacy notice on how we process your data.